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Vintage Space

Vintage Space

I love most things vintage. Maybe because in RL years, I could be considered “vintage.” This month’s round of The Challenge really reminded me of some of my favorite childhood things: watching black and white TV shows (and you actually had to GET UP to change the channel), the “British Invasion,” and spending all my quarters playing Tempest on those huge video game machines at the pizza parlor. Ah, good times.

A note about this amazing Fremantle TV by %Percent: be sure to read the enclosed notecard. Twenty different movies and shows are available for streaming (I’m watching Atomic Rulers of the World here), but your settings might need to be adjusted a bit. I discovered that on my fairly new Win8 PC, I had to install a different version of Adobe Flash Player in order to get the video to stream. It wasn’t difficult to get everything working though, and once I did, I got to take another trip down Memory Lane via The Lucy Show. All the shows are PG and include sound.

Ok, so now that I’ve completely dated myself… I think I’ll go shoo that space alien away from my laptop and watch some more classic TV. My pizza’s getting cold.

P.S. I’ve also thrown in a couple of Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) items (which, as of this posting, were still 50L), as well as some group gifts. Enjoy. :-)

* * * * *

The Scene…

[ht:home] Retro Arcade Machine Rocketwars (The Challenge)

Seven Emporium Heart Marquee (FLF)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Leather Lounger (The Challenge)

Apple Fall iFall Notebook with Poses

*MishMish* It’s Aliens – Mini UFO

{what next} Mesa Magazine Rack

Zigana Rocking Dog Vintage (donation item)

junk. Square Leather Rug Flame (25L on sale)

Dutchie Newspaper (free gift)

[NeurolaB Inc.] Space Pizza Consumable (3L)

Virtual Kennel Club Birch Puppy

[mike's] Pint o’Guinness (free gift)

[NikotiN] Ultimate Ashtray

ChiC Buildings Home Grown Rusty (The Challenge)

Alouette Grunge Bookshelf

.:Standby Inc. – Buncha Books

{vespertine} Old Videotapes Box + extra tape

%Percent Fremantle TV (The Challenge)

*Second Spaces* Geeky Powerstrip Empty

Virtual Kennel Club RedBone Puppy Toy (free gift)

junk. Wannabe Boho Lantern Three

MiWardrobe {Home} The Little Bird (group gift)

Alouette Metal Floor Clock (FLF)

junk. Pulley Light

Seven Emporium Public Market Sign (group gift)

Seven Emporium Route 66 Sign (group gift)

junk. Rings Candle Holder Iron (group gift)

Trompe L’oeil Industrial Chandelier

Kuro Retro Curtain (The Challenge)

{vespertine} Dreamer’s Vehicle Sky (@ The Dreamer’s Factory)

L2 Studio Kowloon Memory


Nautical Afternoon (Better Late Than Never!)


First, my apologies for not being timely. Most of these items are/were from Summerfest ’14, which is now over, unfortunately. I took this photo a few weeks ago, before heading out on RL business and a crazy road trip to Portland with my kid. Being busy and exhausted left me no time – or brain cells! – to post. But I had such a great time at Summerfest ’14, and I really sort of liked this photo, so I decided… what the heck. Better late than never, right? Anyway, I’m reasonably certain you can find these items in the stores now, if you like them. I did. :-)

* * * * *

The Scene…

Shades – PILOT Nautical Shade White

Sofa – .floorplan. Sailor’s Soft White & Navy

Dog – +Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound Black

Oars – .floorplan. Hanging Oars

Pictures – .floorplan. Navy Tattoo Prints

Chairs – .floorplan. Sailor’s Chair Stripes & White

Shoes – [monso] My Slip On

Coffee Table – .floorplan. Captain’s Coffee Table

Lamp – .floorplan. Captain’s Desk Lantern Ocean (VIP group gift)

Candles – PILOT Nautical Piling Candles

Tray – Sway’s [Breakfast Around the World] Venice (past The Arcade gacha)

Fan – [*Art Dummy!] Breeze Tripod Fan Wood with Sound

Rug – .floorplan. Sailor Stripe Rug

Camera – Apple Fall Vintage Camera w/Tripod (past The Arcade gacha)

Book – LISP Open Book

Maps – PILOT Maps Basket

Hanging Lamp – .floorplan. Captain’s Hanging Lantern Bronze

Side Table – .floorplan. Captain’s Sideboard Red

Lamp – Culprit Old Navy Lamp

Clock – .:Standby Inc.Old Clock

Statue – PILOT The Ugly Pelican

Books – PILOT Thick Book Stack

Globe – .:Standby Inc. – Globe #2

Baskets – .floorplan. Jute Baskets

Flowers – Dutchie Forget Me Not

Build – L2 Studio Padre Island House

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Ever After


What I miss about childhood is the absolute belief that I will one day marry a prince, become a princess, and live happily ever after. Sadly, real life and old age have proven that theory to be a bust, but at least I can still play dress up and pretend in SL. This gorgeous dress is from Bite&Claw, and if you hurry, you can pick it up on sale for only 30L! My pretty updo is a free gift from LaNoir Soleil at Hair Fair 2014… again, hurry because today is the last day. Oh, and another last minute event you can catch is Lazy Sunday, where you can pick up the sweet Paper Butterflies lamp from Plethora.

Also “fit for a princess” is this vanity table by [CIRCA] – complete with lots of accessories and animations! – available at the current round of, er… Fit For a Princess. Several colors from which to choose! While you’re there, you can also pick up the crown and necklace I’m wearing, and play the [freebird] gacha for a sparkly, royal manicure.

Have a “happily ever after” week!

* * * * *
Serena is wearing…

Skin – Glam Affair Rose Europa NEW!

Eyes – [Buzzeri] Crystal Eyes Angel (Kustom9)

Eyelashes – REDGRAVE 38 Classy

Teeth – [PXL] Open Mouth Pro

Ears – MANDALA Fantasy Elf Ears

Hair – LaNoir Soleil Ally (free gift @ Hair Fair 2014)

Crown –  ::: Krystal ::: Sylvia Mini Crown (Fit For a Princess)

Necklace – ::: Krystal ::: Key to My Heart Platinum (Fit For a Princess)

Hands & Feet – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet

Manicure – [ freebird ] Royal Princess Nail Silver Sparkles (Fit For a Princess)

Dress – ::Bite&Claw:: Adrienne Gown Royal (30L Saturday)

Shoes – Slink Glitter Peeptoes White

Pose – {Imeka} Luna (Kustom9)

* * * * *

The Scene…

Dressing Table & Accessories – [CIRCA] “Ever After” Vanity Set (Fit For a Princess)

Doll (on table) – RandomEncouragement Princess April Collectible (Fit For a Princess)

Hanging Slip – Lark Crawford Wall Hook & Slip

Lamp – Plethora Paper Butterflies Light (Lazy Sunday)

Magazines – End of Daze EoD Magazine

Dog – Alchemy Doge French Bulldog Spot

Plushie – [MotiAme] Unhappy Plushie (Dreamer’s Factory)

Curtain – Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain Pane

Rug – {what next} Bloom Rug

Roses – Dysfunctional Design Rosebush Potted

Build – L2 Studio Padre Island House

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In My Room

Bedroom ft. FLF Items

* * * * *

The Scene…

Bed – {vespertine} Wildwood Daybed Brass (FLF)

Shelf – Zigana Bookshelf Light (FLF)

Books – PILOT Thick Book Stack

Roses – Dysfunctional Design Rosebush Potted (FLF)

Drapes – {what next} Maison Drapes (FLF)

Lamp – {what next} Maison Table Lamp (FLF)

Dresser – DIGS Albany Dresser

Mirror – The Loft Neo Mirror

Dress Form – -tres blah- Vanity Dress Form (50L gacha)

Record Player – {vespertine} Record Player Sky

Pictures – [ keke ] Polaroid

Nail Polishes – -tres blah- Vanity Nail Polishes (50L gacha)

Plant – *MishMish* Clay Family Potted Plant

Soda Bottles – [ keke ] Peach & White (group gift / free to join)

Stool – Shutter Field Rustic Coffee Stool (group gift / free to join)

Plant on Window – A.D.D. Andel! Painted Jar Planter

Rug with Cat – StoraxTree Feline Treasures Naptime Ginger Tabby J

Bag – -tres blah- Tote Bag 

Build – L2 Studio Padre Island House


Island Invasion

Invasion! (blogging soon)

Serena has been busy with RL travel and business, so Duncan and I thought we’d come over and check on the house for her. When we arrived, we were shocked to find the beach had been invaded… by hedgehogs! I have no idea how they got on the island, but they’ve sure made themselves at home.

A few notes about what I’m wearing: my shorts and towel are a recent subscriber gift from FATEwear. There is also a maple leaf version in the box for you Canadians. My hair is the newest group gift from If blue is more your style, you can pick up a a blue version at the current round of, which ends on July 15 (join the free group first). My skin is Davos by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, which you can pick up on sale at Bro Couture. Slink appliers are included in the box.

* * * * *

Gavin is wearing…

Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins Davos (450L @ Bro Couture)

Eyes – Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes Midnight Glacier (group gift / free to join)

Hair – 2014 June Group Gift Larry (group gift / free to join)

Shorts & Towel – FATEwear Gibs America (subscriber gift / 0L)

Glasses – [Steinwerk] Alphabeat Glasses

Hands & Feet by Slink

Pose by Exposeur

* * * * *

The Scene…

Hedgehogs -!Ohmai Summer Hedgehog Buddies (150L @ Summerfest ’14)

Sign – .floorplan. Bloomers Sign (50L @ Summerfest ’14)

Seagull – e-brink Design Products and Builds

Dog – Virtual Kennel Club Black Great Dane

Grasses by KIDD Creation

Beach & Forest Trees by Studio Skye

Other Trees by Botanical


A House-Hoarder’s Home

What you probably don’t know about me is that I’m something of a house-hoarder. My inventory is bulging with houses; I see a house, and I just have to have it. I’ve never lived in most of them, and in fact, have never even rezzed some of them. But I keep buying them in hopes that I’ll find the perfect SL house for the season or whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’m pretty sure I need some sort of intervention.

New House!

I had just bought 4 new houses when I found out that L2 Studios was (finally!) releasing their new summer house. I quickly tp’d over to the demo and it was… PERFECT! Behold: the Padre Island House. This house is mesh and weighs in at 118 LI.

New House!

I’m finishing up the landscaping and exterior decor. I’ve barely started on the inside. It doesn’t help that I keep changing my mind about what I want.

New House!

This fun dock is on sale from Alouette for 200L for The Neighborhood. It includes 21 animations, and seats 4 avatars. As of this morning, the sale price was still in effect.

I’m pretty sure this is my RL dream house. :-)

* * * * *

The Scene…

Build – L2 Studio Padre Island House

Dock – Alouette Wooden Floating Dock (200L for The Neighborhood)

Dock Pillows & Candle – {what next} Newport Dock Pillows Set (group gift / 250L to join)

Boat – {what next} Lakeview Row Boat

Beach & Forest Trees by Studio Skye

Other Trees by Botanical

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Until We Meet Again…

Blogging soon!

My pretty, green dress is the latest subscriber gift from DaneMarkZ. I really like the texture and the summery “feel” to it. And this gorgeous ponytail hair is the latest group gift from LeLutka. You get a huge fatpack of colors, so you’re sure to find one you like!

Blogging soon!

This creamy skin is Glam Affair’s Livy in the Arctic 05 flavor. You can try your luck to win her for 100L at The Arcade Gacha. My pretty jewelry is a group gift from Baby Monkey, and includes the earrings, necklace, and ring, as well as a HUD with 9 different textures. The applier for my nails is a subscriber gift from {Wicked} Peach, and it includes 6 textures for fingers and toes.

Wicked Peach Advert Wicked Gift

Blogging soon!

N-Core Design recently put out these gorgeous shoes as a group gift. The heel is texture-change, and of course, you can change your pedicure. N-Core shoes come with their own feet, but the skin matching system is pretty awesome. I had no trouble at all matching to my pale Glam Affair skin, although I did have to play with the sizing a teensy bit. The water fountain in the background is a group gift from [we're CLOSED], and my cute Frenchie pup can be found in a gacha at The Chapter Four.

Blogging soon!

A few decor items of note… the burger and lemonade meal is a group gift from ISPACHI. You must join the Love to Decorate group to get it (sign is next to the gift). The table, chair, and wall art are a group gift from *ionic*. Both groups are free to join, and there are other gifts for you to snap up while you are in the stores. The Fairy Terrarium and the box with the clipboard, magnifying glass, etc., are also from the Ohmai fairy gacha at The Arcade. The pretty pink rose bush behind the chair is by StoraxTree for The Pier Market. And the payphone on the wall is from the .floorplan. gacha at Kustom9.

Blogging soon!

Another view here. Both the record player and the vintage camera are from The Arcade.

* * * * *
Serena is wearing…

Skin – Glam Affair Livy Arctic 05 (100L @ The Arcade Gacha)

Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes Clarity

Eyelashes – REDGRAVE 6-Natural

Teeth – [PXL] Open Mouth Pro

Hair – LeLutka Lumen (group gift / free to join)

Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

Manicure – {Wicked} Peach Wicked Gift (0L / new subscriber gift)

Dress – DaneMarkZ June Maxidress Lime (0L / subscriber gift)

Jewelry – Baby Monkey Tensa (group gift / 250L to join)

Shoes – N-Core Design Ibiza Summer Edition (group gift / 50L to join)

Camera & Pose – {what next}

Shoe pose – K&S Advertise Shoe Poses (49L on the Marketplace)

Close-up pose by Izzie’s

* * * * *

The Scene…

Build – Scarlet Creative Art Cabin

Fairies – Ohmai Gerbera Fairy Companion, Tulip Fairy Terrarium & Container (75L @ The Arcade Gacha)

Seated Critters – *ionic* Te leo un cuentito (100L per play gacha)

Pansies – Alouette Hanging Pansies, Single Pansy Planter, Pansy Fence Planter

Dog – Alchemy Doge French Bulldog Spot (100L @ The Chapter Four)

Table, Chair, & Wall Art – *ionic* Everything In Its Right Place (group gift / free to join)

Desk, Stool, & Papers – *ionic* Intento Inflexible (100L per play gacha)

Hanging Lights – *ionic* Luces (curtain) (100L per play gacha)

Food & Drink – ISPACHI Burger Meal (Love to Decorate group gift / free to join)

Fountain – [we're CLOSED] Water Tap (group gift / free to join)

Phone – .floorplan. Payphone Mint (75L gacha @ Kustom9)

Plant – StoraxTree Vintage Plant Stand Rose Bush Pink (55L @ The Pier Market)

Rug – {what next} Charlotte Rug

Lamp – LISP Bazaar Sofia Chandelier without flames

Old Camera – Apple Fall Vintage France Camera w/Tripod (75L @ The Arcade Gacha)

Record Player – {vespertine} Summer Road Trip Record Player Sky (50L @ The Arcade Gacha)

Trees by Studio Skye


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