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Misty Memory

Misty Memory

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Roawenwood Ravenshire Village Grande Shoppe (Home & Garden Expo)
Roawenwood Ravenshire Village Fountain (Home & Garden Expo)
Roawenwood Mesh Patio/Path (Home & Garden Expo)
Roawenwood Mesh Straw Hay Bales (Home & Garden Expo)
La Galleria 3 Pumpkins & Corn (free gift at Home & Garden Expo)
Roawenwood Rustic Mesh Fence (Home & Garden Expo)
Cube Republic Auchmore Oak (Home & Garden Expo)
Dysfunctional Designs Lantern on a Stick
Dysfunctional Designs Rose Bush
Dysfunctional Designs Red Apples Barrel
Curio Thistle Horse – Mesh – 2013 (Sorry, I don’t remember where I got this!)
Minn’s Bits n’ Bobs Hand Cart (free)
MudHoney Mums in Bucket
d-lab Chickens
Birdy Wilbur Dark Brown (The Chapter Four)
Alchemy Immortalis Blackface Sheep
Botanical Linden Tree
[we’re CLOSED] Grasses
Flowers by [Organica] and HPMD


Island Invasion

Invasion! (blogging soon)

Serena has been busy with RL travel and business, so Duncan and I thought we’d come over and check on the house for her. When we arrived, we were shocked to find the beach had been invaded… by hedgehogs! I have no idea how they got on the island, but they’ve sure made themselves at home.

A few notes about what I’m wearing: my shorts and towel are a recent subscriber gift from FATEwear. There is also a maple leaf version in the box for you Canadians. My hair is the newest group gift from If blue is more your style, you can pick up a a blue version at the current round of, which ends on July 15 (join the free group first). My skin is Davos by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, which you can pick up on sale at Bro Couture. Slink appliers are included in the box.

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Gavin is wearing…

Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins Davos (450L @ Bro Couture)

Eyes – Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes Midnight Glacier (group gift / free to join)

Hair – 2014 June Group Gift Larry (group gift / free to join)

Shorts & Towel – FATEwear Gibs America (subscriber gift / 0L)

Glasses – [Steinwerk] Alphabeat Glasses

Hands & Feet by Slink

Pose by Exposeur

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The Scene…

Hedgehogs –!Ohmai Summer Hedgehog Buddies (150L @ Summerfest ’14)

Sign – .floorplan. Bloomers Sign (50L @ Summerfest ’14)

Seagull – e-brink Design Products and Builds

Dog – Virtual Kennel Club Black Great Dane

Grasses by KIDD Creation

Beach & Forest Trees by Studio Skye

Other Trees by Botanical


A House-Hoarder’s Home

What you probably don’t know about me is that I’m something of a house-hoarder. My inventory is bulging with houses; I see a house, and I just have to have it. I’ve never lived in most of them, and in fact, have never even rezzed some of them. But I keep buying them in hopes that I’ll find the perfect SL house for the season or whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’m pretty sure I need some sort of intervention.

New House!

I had just bought 4 new houses when I found out that L2 Studios was (finally!) releasing their new summer house. I quickly tp’d over to the demo and it was… PERFECT! Behold: the Padre Island House. This house is mesh and weighs in at 118 LI.

New House!

I’m finishing up the landscaping and exterior decor. I’ve barely started on the inside. It doesn’t help that I keep changing my mind about what I want.

New House!

This fun dock is on sale from Alouette for 200L for The Neighborhood. It includes 21 animations, and seats 4 avatars. As of this morning, the sale price was still in effect.

I’m pretty sure this is my RL dream house. 🙂

* * * * *

The Scene…

Build – L2 Studio Padre Island House

Dock – Alouette Wooden Floating Dock (200L for The Neighborhood)

Dock Pillows & Candle – {what next} Newport Dock Pillows Set (group gift / 250L to join)

Boat – {what next} Lakeview Row Boat

Beach & Forest Trees by Studio Skye

Other Trees by Botanical