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Worse Than Virtual Puppy Poop – My SL Pet Peeves


Oh no! Gavin and I were going to spend a relaxing afternoon together, and now I walk in to find that Nessie has left me a little… present!  BAD NESSIE! Sigh… it’s really been one of those days, so I guess this should be no surprise. And since I’m feeling particularly grumpy now, I’m in just the right mood to participate in Strawberry Singh’s meme from last week, “My SL Pet Peeves.” Like most people, I got ’em, too.


Worse than virtual puppy poop – My SL Pet Peeves:

  • Vendors who don’t put pictures of their items in the box. I know this is a little thing, and I’m sure your outfit is wonderful, but if there’s no picture in the box, odds are good that I won’t try it on. A picture is very important.
  • Tile lines in my photos. This makes me crazy, but I still won’t give up the Firestorm viewer (I really love the PhotoTools). I keep holding onto hope that they will fix it. Soon, please?
  • Mesh alphas that cover too much or too little. Almost as bad as a stray nipple poking out is the virtual dead space where boobs should be. Or when you sit down and your dress hikes up to show… nothing. Literally. And yes, I wear a standard size shape, so that’s not the problem.
  • People who a) don’t move away from the landing point, particularly in busy sims, and/or b) stand directly in front of a vendor so you can’t see the item.
  • Facelights. ‘Nuff said.
  • People who walk into my house, unannounced. You’d think this offense would mostly be committed by new residents (and it typically is), but I’m continually surprised at the number of “older” residents who just walk right in like they own the place. Seriously, I even had someone ask me what *I* was doing there, like I was trespassing or something! I know, I know: there’s no such thing as “privacy” in SL. I get that. But there is such a thing as common courtesy. I mean, you wouldn’t invite yourself into someone’s house in RL; why is it ok in SL? Oh, and for folks who stop in while I’m away: please turn off the kitchen faucet before you leave. Thanks. 😡


Ok, I feel better now.

You might have noticed that Gavin got a makeover. He’s wearing the new Chris skin/shape/hair from REDGRAVE. So handsome – my “next move” might not be in Monopoly! Ahem… his outfit is the .:Mr. Hunter Hunt:. v.IV gift from Shadow Moon, and includes the mesh shirt and vest, pants, and boots. There’s also a pair of sunglasses in the box, but instead he’s wearing these new Smoovies from the Bitch/Bastard Store. For 1L, you get your choice of 4 different colored lenses. The glasses also come in tortoise shell, if that’s more your liking, and there are glasses for the ladies, as well.

As for me, I’m wearing a mesh outfit from {Liv-Glam} which is currently featured at Fi*Friday for only 55L. My shoes are one of the new group gifts at Baby Monkey (250L to join), and come in 9 different colors. I’m once again wearing the Classic Pearls jewelry from Lazuri, this time in completely different colors. Oh, and my skin is from [ROCKBERRY], and is currently featured as a free gift at FabFree Headquarters. She comes in 4 different skin tones.

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – [ROCKBERRY] Uma FabFree Light (0L / featured @ FabFree HQ)

Eyes – IKON Lucid Eyes Blue-Gray

Eyelashes – REDGRAVE 6-Natural

Hair – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Maria

Nails – Izzie’s Spring/Summer 2013 Nails

Pants/Top – {Liv-Glam} K Collection Sandra (55L / featured @ Fi*Friday)

Jewelry – Lazuri Classic Pearls (0L)

Shoes – Baby Monkey Ultimate Roxane 2013 (group gift / 250L to join)

Poses by aDORKable Poses

* * * * *

Gavin is wearing…

Skin – REDGRAVE Chris Tan (new!)

Shape – REDGRAVE Chris (new!)

Eyes – REDGRAVE Hollywood Blue (0L / featured @ .the event. HOLLYWOOD)

Hair – REDGRAVE Chris Brown (new!)

Complete Outfit – Shadow Moon Invested (0L / Mr. Hunter Hunt)

Glasses – Bitch/Bastard Store Smoovies Bastard Black (1L)

Poses by the {what next} Charlotte chair

* * * * *

Other Items…

Pizza Box – Quark Yifu (0L)

SLmonopoly Game – Supernerd (10L)

Poop – Blot Brickworks (25L)

Puppy – Virtual Kennel Club

Author: Serena Snowfield

Just a girl who loves photography, shopping, coffee, and dogs. Not always in that order.

4 thoughts on “Worse Than Virtual Puppy Poop – My SL Pet Peeves

  1. Thanks, Berry! Turns out that you really CAN buy anything on the Marketplace! 🙂

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