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Elf Forest ~*A Dark Fairytale*~

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While I was visiting Elf Forest a couple of days ago to take photos for my previous post, The Forest Nymph, I couldn’t resist sticking around to take a few extra shots. The sim is quite beautiful, and despite the name, I did not find it to be “a dark fairytale” in any way. Perhaps I just didn’t find the right spots.


There were quite a few people around, with couples chatting in quiet spots. It does look like a good place for romance, and the sim rules don’t forbid it (although public nudity is prohibted). I love this tree with the wise, old face, and the floating flowers remind me a bit of Monet’s Water Lilies paintings.


I didn’t see any other fairies or elves, but I did find this brightly colored area, which is on a little island at the sim’s edge.


About the “darkest” spot I found was this menacing-looking waterfall.


This little hideaway looks perfect for elven mischief.


Up a flight of stairs you’ll find what look like castle ruins. I believe I saw a dragon there, so my guess is that he took the place down.


This guy keeps watch on the sim’s edge.

At Elf Forest, role-play is encouraged, but optional. Most of the people I saw were dressed in “regular” clothes. The sim rules are posted next to the entry sign (pic 1). There is even a marketplace at the landing area where you can pick up some new threads, if you wish. Explore and have fun. 🙂

Visit Elf Forest

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